Alpha products are as wide and varied as your imagination. The sleek, minimalist styling offers a clean, functional presence with an almost limitless selection of customized options.


This is the concept of a power tower to the next level with the new Gemini unit. It features a world-first double-sided design and […]


A modular, aluminium-based workstation power outlet system that allows customization according to the number of power, voice /data, switches and protections devices desired.


Aa brand new range of ultra-compact power supply units, the Slimline family includes four distinctively styled profiles to suit any domestic or corporate environment.


The SOHO is an elegant and versatile solution to small, and home-office cabling management.

Oblique Power Base

The Oblique range is modular electrical power outlet system available in a variety of outlet configurations and manufactured from tough, high grade engineering plastic materials.


The Optima is a modular aluminium-based workstation power outlet system. It is fully customizable, and available in a variety of finishes and colours.


Computer-aided research and testing has led to re-enforcement of critically loaded parts, resulting in greatly increased durability and extended operational life span of the Rotadock.

Rotadock USB

The innovative Rotadock USB now incorporates a smart, dual port USB charger that can detect connected Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices whilst providing […]


The Punto is a complementary addition to any desktop. It consists of a single power outlet, with a selection of international standards, and two peripheral connectors – choose from USB, data, RCA, or HDMI ports.

Powerdock Domestic

The Powerdock Domestic, available in two versions, is designed where the quick and easy access to a power unit is needed without the clutter of cables.

Powerdock Corporate

The Powerdock Corporate is an in-desk mounted power units that features a wide variety of data, voice and power formats for all purposes.

Powerdock Horizontal

Mounted horizontally within the work surface, the PDH has the the ability to tilt up, exposing the sockets and peripherals to the surface. The unit can be closed while plugs are still attached.

Powerdock USB

Beyond the sleek design with the gas strut raising mechanism, the very latest Powerdock USB features a smart, dual port USB charger that can detect connected Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices whilst providing fast charging.


Connectors presently available in 16A and 20A versions and are available both male and female.
Product Range


Corporate Connections provide a wide variety of cables to complement each product family.

Zip Bags

The Zip bag solves the problem of ordering and organizing the chaotic world of wires surrounds us.