In addition to the sales and distribution of our modular power systems, we are also experienced when it comes to how we manage and execute installations. Most businesses are dependent almost entirely on the reliability of their electronic equipment, it is of paramount importance to ensure that power systems are professionally installed so as to optimally service your current and future office power requirements.

All of our technicians have the most relevant training to ensure that your installation will comply with all existing regulations and standards. We always ensure that our staff are educated and have a solid understanding of the rules and regulation regarding our industry.

Because we work within a wide variety of industries as both suppliers and consultants, our process for both is not always similar. We are happy to advise in any case.

Our basic workflow process from inception to connection is laid out in the basics below.

  • The interested party usually makes an enquiry via email or telephone.
  • We will establish your objectives and then either set up a consultation or facilitate your requirements.
  • We will then scope the job and revert with costings and next steps
  • Once the necessary approvals are in place and all parties are aligned with the scope of work, we then commence implementation.
  • Products are then ordered and all technical requirements approved.
  • Delivery and installation process.
  • Site requirements and safety checks are implemented to ensure a smooth handover.

Our team are on call weekly and are only happy to assist with your individual needs.