Interconnecting Cable Dedicated

Corporate Connections provide a wide variety of cables to complement each product family. These include a full range of input (infeed) power cables supplied with moulded plug tops and a female connector (or hardwired into the product) as well as interconnecting cables which allow users to extend or reconfigure their office power units as required.

Another unique feature of the range is the bypass connector system which can be supplied on all our aluminium-based products. This allows the user to connect directly from the in feed cable of one power unit to the adjacent power unit using an interconnecting lead. This is both more cost effective (as it eliminates a power cable) and quicker to install (the input and output connectors are next to each other).

These cables and connectors can be supplied in a variety of lengths, ratings, and connector combinations to suit any application including:

• SA Dedicated

• SA Normal


• SA Generator


Catagory: Corporate

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