Alpha 4

The Alpha products are as wide and varied as your imagination. The sleek, minimalist styling offers a clean, functional presence with an almost limitless selection of customised options.

Options include protection modules, timers, data/voice, and audio visual cabling solutions with your power distribution needs to tailor a product that maximises efficiency by meeting your individual needs. Choose from a variety of colour and anodising finish options to suit your particular corporate environment, or to reflect branding colours.

Besides the single circuit and hybrid units, separate clean power circuits are also available. The Alpha range also includes a new swivelling strain relief system to reduce the stress on your cables, and to accommodate multiple mounting options. Alternatively, link multiple units with a bypass cable to create a network of power supply units.



Sleek, minimalist design adds a stylish touch to any professional environment
Multiple mounting options accommodate any installation requirements
Wide range of data/voice, and AV peripheral compatibility
Broad selection of colour and finish options available
Robust construction featuring extruded aluminium
Selection of international sockets available
Connect multiple units with bypass cables
Swivelling cable strain relief
Operating voltage: 110V to 250 VAC @ 50/60Hz
Input cable type: 16A or 20A

Electrical Specifications

Operating voltage:
220V – 250V AC @ 50 Hz
110V – 125V AC @ 60 Hz

Max power:
1800W @ 110V – 125V AC
3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system. For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.

Width: 60 mm
Length: dependent on configuration

Catagory: Corporate

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