The Omega - Click to read.

If you need to simplify and manage your workstation and enjoy easy access to power and data, look no further than our highly sought-after Omega unit that allows you to eliminate any struggling to reach a power or data cable again.

The Omega unit does not only provide exceptional functionality, but it also looks very stylish and elegant, enhancing the look of any workstation. It comes in a wide range of colors and niches for both metal and plastic components. Available in either black, grey or white.  Custom color options are available but only on request.

In terms of configuration, there are several local and international power options to choose from. In addition, there are various other great possibilities that include data or voice connections, switches, and protection devices to suit your individual needs.

The orientation of the Omega unit is very convenient, and power outlets are pre-fitted at any angle in 45º increments.

When it comes to power options, you will be pleased to know that the Omega has Hybrid Power capabilities (power and data), and it is also able to house one or more circuits in a single unit.

Using your Omega unit is very safe and, if you wish, it can be fitted with fuses, RCCB, RCB, ELCB, or filters for additional safety and protection against power overloads.

The Omega can also house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch as well as other standard red or green switches depending on your specific needs or requirements.

When mounted, Omega sits flush with your desk. It can be mounted in/on any work surface with a desk thickness ranging from 15mm to 30mm.

Peripheral options for the Omega include Cat 6, HDMI, RCA, USB Data, VGA, HDMI and Audio/Mic.