The Punto 80 - Click to read.

Are you looking for a highly functional data surface unit for your home or office that has an elegant, sleek, and compact design? Look no further than the Punto 80 range, which is the ultimate in minimalist design and workability.

This popular module has been specially designed to eliminate the need for a big and bulky desk surface unit and is ideal for those who want to make the most out of their workstation space.

Punto 80 power socket range offers you various peripheral options, such as HDMI, RCA, USB Data, HDMI, and Audio/Mic.

Not only does it function optimally on any busy desk, but it also has an attractive and modern chrome effect bezel, giving it a beautiful, neat, and stylish finish that will enhance the look of your workstation. The Punto 80 is available in black or white.

As a USB smart charger, the Punto 80 has a dual-port, and it can detect any connected Apple, Android, or Windows mobile device. Thereafter, it provides the mobile device with super-fast charging and can also support sleep mode charging for the majority of Apple devices. Additionally, it is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices, and a maximum overall current of 2.1A is available for the dual USB ports.

Cable strain is a common complaint when it comes to data surface units, and the Punto 80 provides the perfect solution with its unique, cable strain relief. This is a standard installation on the module and allows a significant reduction in cable stress exiting the unit, giving them a longer life span.

Small but mighty, the Punto 80 has a large bolt thread for extra strength and an easy-to-screw thread for convenient unit installations. The sturdy locking ring also secures the unit firmly into place and allows easy removal for retrofitting or relocation as well.