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Do you need a competent, smart, convenient, and compact solution for all your data and communication needs in the office? Well, the Punto 95 range ticks all of the above boxes and offers you the latest and most innovative technology- all in a small unit that will look stylish and elegant on your workstation!

The Punto 95 range has been specially designed to facilitate easy yet efficient access for your data and communication cables. It gives you the option of selecting from any combination of three interface options that will suit your needs.

One of the main benefits of this powerful unit is the modern cable pull through which is essentially a neat interface that allows your cable extensions to be stored on your work surface for easy and simple access. No more frustration and struggling to reach the ports for your cables since the Punto 95 solves this problem!

Regardless of the color or style of your desk or workstation, there is a Punto unit that will blend seamlessly in either black or white.

Also, the unit’s aesthetically-pleasing chrome effect bezel gives it a state-of-the-art and eye-catching look that is also a neat and very stylish finish. Its ultra-slim size does not take up much room on your desk, sits flush with the desk surface, and takes up minimal space.

Owners of the Punto 95 love the convenient USB smart charger that has changed the way in which users connect their devices while working. Some units feature a dual-port USB smart charger that can detect any connected Apple®, Android® or Windows® mobile

device while, at the same time, providing super-fast and effortless charging. It also supports sleep mode charging for most Apple® products and is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 portable devices. In terms of current, there is a maximum overall current of 2.1A that is available for the dual USB ports.

The orientation of the Punto 95 power outlet is also highly convenient as sockets are pre-fitted at either a 45º or a 315º angle.

In terms of the peripheral options for this unit, the Punto 95 series offers HDMI, RCA, USB, Data, and Audio/Mic options, making it highly sought-after.

When purchasing your Punto 95 unit, you have the option of various types of power outlets as it is available in a host of local or international configurations.

Installing your Punto 95 device is a cinch and can be done in as little as a few minutes. This is made possible with the unit’s large bolt thread and the strongly-engineered desk collar with easy-to-screw thread to aid in the quick and easy installation of the unit. The locking ring will secure your new Punto 95 securely into place, allowing for simple, easy, and convenient removal for retrofitting or relocation.

To install cables into the device, the locking cap can be unlocked with the use of a coin to twist and allow your cables to be pulled through the interface.

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