The Slimline Front Range - Click to read.

Corporate Connections is proud to introduce its new Slimline Front Range, which is the ultimate in compact and minimalist design!

The Slimline front range may be small, but it packs a powerful punch and has all the excellent features of its bigger brothers, only in a smaller, ultra-compact design for those who need to make the most out of their workstation space.

As the name suggests, the Slimline front range is a smaller unit, but dont allow looks to deceive you: it is rugged, durable, and very reliable. This unit is robustly constructed from top-quality aluminum and engineering plastics and promises you many happy years of trouble-free service.

In fact, it complies wholeheartedly with very strict international and SABS standards, giving you peace of mind and incredible value for money.

The Slimline Front Range is not only reliable, hard-working, robust, and compact in shape, but it also has a number of unique features that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Such features include its ultra-compact design, coupled with its rugged reliability and robust aluminum construction. It also features various desk mounting options depending on your workstation size and layout.

In addition, the Slimline Front Range is entirely compatible with VA, EFP, and Timer modules. Since it is available in an attractive and wide range of colors and finishes, it will enhance your workstation, rather than detract from it.

Unlike similar models from its competitors, the Slimline Front Range has been designed to conserve valuable desktop real estate and has a seamless and highly workable function.

With the Slimline Front Range, there are dual circuit options available to you in either clean or regular power, and we are confident that you will love its 90-degree swivel cable and its ability to house up to 30 different international sockets.