The Slimline Range - Click to read.

With desks and workstations becoming increasingly smaller and more compact, the Slimline offers you the ideal solution as it is our most compact product range. 

With the Slimline, you have four sleek body types that reduce space and simplify your working environment. This unit is also very elegant and will look great on any desk: it is available in a variety of colors and niches for both metal and plastic components.

In terms of power options, the Slimline has Hybrid Power capabilities (power and data) and can also house one or more circuits in a single unit (clean and normal).

The Slimline product range looks after your cables and features a swiveling exit with a 90-degree range. This extends the life of your cables by relieving stress where the cord exits the unit through the specially designed cable grip.

This unit gives you peace of mind with its ability to house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch in addition to other standard red and green switches.

International power outlet options are also available with the Slimline Range, and it can conveniently accommodate Australian, Brazilian, SA, Schuko, Swiss, US, and UK power outlets with more international outlets available soon.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your desk or workstation is because the Slimline unit can be assembled in almost any configuration with a wide variety of combinations of power outlets, peripherals, colors, and niches.

When it comes to installation, mounting the Slimline could not be easier! All Slimline units have a T-channel running along the bottom of the extrusion used for pre-fitting desk clamps if requested. We recommend having the clamps at an angle of 45º to ensure the most ergonomic position.

Peripheral options for the Slimline include RCA, USB, Data, HDMI, Audio/Mic, and VGA. A USB smart charger is also optional.

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