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Sick and tired of unsightly and cumbersome charging cables cluttering your workstation? Corporate Connections has the perfect solution to all your charging woes with its iconic and state-of-the-art wireless charger.

This wireless charger eliminates the need for messy cables and allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly and conveniently. Now you no longer have to fight a constant battle to find the correct charging cable and clutter up your desk to charge your device.

Our wireless charger is ultra-slim and fits almost flush to your workstation, using a minimal amount of space so that you can retain your desk’s valuable real estate.

The wireless charger is available in either black or white and looks great on any workstation. With its top-quality aluminum collar and charging pad with durable, high gloss plastic, it improves the look of a desk as well as provides excellent functionality.

This device is Qi-certified and adheres to FCC and CE standards, so you can be assured that your wireless charger has been manufactured according to the strictest standards of workmanship and quality. With this in mind, the wireless charger comes with a 12-month, limited warranty (excluding normal wear and tear and product abuse).

Installation of our wireless charger is incredibly easy due to its large and strong screw thread collar and should take you less than a minute. The locking ring secures the unit firmly into position and allows you to remove it easily when retrofitting or relocating. 

This wireless charger comes with a clear charging indicator featuring a blue LED ring that will illuminate when your mobile device is placed correctly on the charging surface and is charging.

The Corporate Connection wireless charger is ideal for those who need a minimalist, simple, and wireless solution to their home or office mobile device charging!