The PDO MK3 - Click to read.

Introducing Power Logic’s iconic PDO Mk3 power supply unit with its unique swiveling cable and connector exit!

As the perfect below-surface power solution for your office, study, or kitchen, this unit protects your cables and has a 90-degree range of orientation that relieves cable stress and allows your cable to exit in the best-suited position. It is also available with a 3PP connector, and the power outlet is located under the work surface for products that need to be permanently connected.

Another great feature of the PDO MK3 is the swivel cap that is spring-loaded and which covers a Smart Charging Dual USB port on top of the unit. The USB smart charger itself detects any connected Apple®, Android®, and Windows® mobile device whilst providing fast charging. It also supports sleep mode charging for most Apple® products and is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 portable devices. A maximum, overall current of 2.1A is available for the dual USB ports- speak to a member of the Corporate Connections team for more details!

The PDO Mk3 will look great on any workstation and comes in black, grey, and white and is available in 24 international power outlets. In terms of power, it has hybrid capabilities  (power & data), and it can also house one or more circuits in a single unit (cable exit version only).

Use the fold-flat chromed handle to raise the unit out of the work surface. This also doubles as a cable exit from which cables can extend when plug tops are left in the power outlets of the stowed away unit.

The unit’s 15A thermal overload witch protects from power overloads while the power outlets can be pre-fitted at any angle in 45º increments.

The lock release button keeps your unit in the raised position and a simple light press will release it, allowing the unit to retract back into the work surface.

Installation of your PDO MK3 is also very easy with the locking collar ring.