The PDH Unit - Click to read.

Modern workstations differ from their predecessors in that they tend to be smaller and more ergonomic. Since space is always at a premium when it comes to newer model desks, the PDH is your ideal power supply unit as it provides constant power while taking up minimal workstation real estate.

With its handy rubber flap that allows plugged in cables to exit the unit while in the closed position, the PDH is suitable for any modern desk. You also have the option of a brush instead of the flap, should you want one.

Installing your PDH unit is a very simple task, and all you need to do is to lower it into the cut-out mounting hole and fasten it below with the two easy-to-slide-on ratchets.

Regardless of your workstation size or shape, the PDH can be conveniently oriented at 45-degree increments to suit your needs.

In terms of configurations, the PDH unit offers you an almost endless variety of possibilities! There are several configurations of power outlets, data/voice connections, switches, and protection devices available.

The PDH also looks great, and it is available in black, grey, white, or any color you choose. In addition, it comes in a wide range of niches (in either metal or plastic) so that it will complement the look of your workstation perfectly.

This unit can house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch as well as other standard red and green switches, depending on your requirements.

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