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Most modern humans should know what a USB connector is. It's one of the most common power delivery/data systems we use in our every day lives. Familiar with memory sticks and chargers? They've landed up becoming part of our daily routines as they facilitate how we power and connect the devices that we rely on daily. 

Let's be honest; USB's are a complete pain to plug in when you don't have sight of the socket the USB is plugging into! Does it go this way, or is it that way?? Strange how it always takes 3 tries before you get it right!! It can drive you mad, especially when you in the car!!

The good news is that this is all about to become a thing of the past. 

Say goodbye to the clunky USB type 1 / 2 & 3 and say hello to the all-new USB type-C (USB-C)

The new USB type - C is currently included in devices like the latest laptops, phones, and tablets and in time it'll spread to pretty much everything that now uses the older, larger USB connector. 

Yip! Things just got better for all of us. The all-new USB-C features an all-new, smaller connector shape, and the best part is that it is reversible, so it's easier to plug-in. Because it's bi-directional, the device can send and receive data and at the same time transmit charging data across the connection to ensure it can supply all the correct power needs to the device. 

So why is it better?

These USB-C cables are not only smaller, but they can carry significantly more power, up to 100 watts, so they can be used to charge larger devices like laptops. Or even power monitors from a single cable. They will also in time make the VGA & HDMI ports redundant on your TV because they can manage the high demands of data. The new USB type - C can transfer data at speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s under certain conditions.

The USB-C ports are also now smaller, and this allows for power socket housings to become smaller in most of our devices.

The power delivery of a USB-C is going to change the playing fields of our homes, offices, and corporations. No longer will our office desks require a range of mains powered socket options. The USB-C will facilitate most of our power and charging needs in the future and make the ubiquitous power supply box redundant. All this will take place seamlessly as it will negotiate the power needs of the device then select the correct voltage and only allow the correct amount of charging to take place.

This universal serial bus (USB) will soon own the lions share of our power sockets, and it's going to make charging, and data transfer speeds much faster.

How fast is the charge you might be asking, well current USB's can handle up to up to 10W where the current new USB type -C will push it up to 4.5 times as much power. That's 45 Watts of power!! But only if the device requests it! There is a constant evolution for power delivery and in August 2019 the USB Implementation Forum has released the USB Power Delivery Revision 300W goal. 

The rate of change in our modern world is extremely faster than it used to be ten years ago and because of this, we are making it our business at Corporate Connections to keep our customers and clients up to speed with all the latest info and trends that are occurring in our industry. 

We have recently started to incorporate the USB type - C sockets into some of our power socket ranges as we are well aware that this is the future of plugging - in. 

If you would like any more information regarding the USB type - C and the solutions we sell simply visit our website or give us a call.