The PDO MK1 - Click to read.

Whether you need an intelligent power socket solution for your office, kitchen, study, workshop, or TV stand, the PDO MK1 is exactly what you need.

This intelligent unit features two fold-flat chromed handles for conveniently raising and lowering the unit in and out of the work surface. If you are thinking of using this unit in your kitchen or workshop, you have peace of mind that any liquid spills will not reach your PDO MK1 due to the splash-proof seal. Additionally, the aluminum cap cover protects the rubber seal, making it a very safe unit. The unit has a built-in shutter to protect it from objects being inserted, posing a safety risk.

With this model, you have the choice of 24 international power outlets, and you can have it pre-fitted at any 45º increment according to your requirements.

The PDO Mk1 has a 15A thermal overload switch that protects the unit as well as the other products that are connected to it from getting damaged in the case of a power surge. It also has a lock release button that keeps your unit locked in the raised position and, once pressed, releases the lock to allow for lowering it back into the work surface.

We are confident that you will love the convenience of PDO Mk1’s below-surface power. It features an additional power outlet that is fitted under the work surface for products that need to be connected permanently.

 Installing your new PDO Mk1 unit is incredibly easy; all you need to use is the robust locking collar ring to have it working within minutes. 

Our professional installation team is on hand to assist with corporate office refurbs and more significant projects.