The Rotadock - Click to read.

Need a state-of-the-art power and USB supply solution that will transform how you experience your boardroom? Well, look no further than the Rotadock, which will make your boardroom meetings an absolute pleasure!

The Rotadock is certainly not bulky or difficult to use as it is mounted almost flush with your table to minimize any obstruction and to save on valuable space.

This popular boardroom power supply unit comes in 24 international power outlet options, and you can choose between black, grey, white or another color upon request. In terms of blending in with your boardroom decor and color scheme, the Rotadock does this entirely as you can choose from a wide range of niches and finishes for both metal and plastic components so that it complements your boardroom table. In addition, this unit comes in 3 convenient standard length options, namely small (200mm), medium (250mm), and large (325mm). 

With the Rotadock, you can benefit from the power outlet orientation that is most suitable for your requirements as it can be pre-fitted at any angle in 45º increments.

Charging your mobile smart device could not be easier with this model, and you have the choice of various USB smart chargers to best suit your individual needs.

Your Rotadock can house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch, as well as other standard red and green switches for your safety.

When it comes to installing your Rotadock, all you need is a few minutes to slide the four ratchet clips on to fasten the unit in its mounting cut-out.