What consideration factors should architects consider when working on desking power supply?

Are you in the process of remodeling your office or replacing your current workstations? If so, you will possibly need a new solution in terms of power sockets for each desk. Despite what you may believe, there is much more to selecting the right desktop power supply than what you believe.

This article will discuss the architectural factors to be taken into account when choosing your new design power supply.

Here at Corporate Connections, we have a wide range of desktop power supply solutions for every need. Whether you have a large office with complex power supply needs or a smaller office that requires a simpler solution, we have everything you need and can offer you a free evaluation.

Since power sockets come in various colors, designs and shapes, this is the first factor to consider when selecting the right one for your workstation.

In terms of color, power supply units come in shades such as black, white, and silver, and we recommend picking out a color that will best suit the color of your desk. For instance, if your workstation has a dark wood finish and you would like a seamless look and feel, a black or very dark-colored power supply unit would be perfect and would blend in nicely.

Are your workstations on the small side, and do you feel that you have to conserve precious desktop real estate? If so, a pop-up or flip-up power socket may be ideal as they do not take up much space at all and will conserve the minimalist look of your workstation. Using a pop-up or flip-up unit is incredibly easy, and you simply need to tap of gently lift the cover whenever you need to use it.

Some folks are not keen on the idea of cutting out a piece of their desk to accommodate a power supply, despite how seamless the end result can be. In such cases, an on-desk power supply solution would be the perfect way to incorporate your new power point. Although on-desk power supply units will take up more room than an in-desk model, the latest models (as can be purchased at Corporate Connections) are not bulky or cumbersome like the power supply units of previous years. With an on-desk power supply unit, you have the option of selecting the most suitable color and a number of plug points and USB points that you need. When placed strategically on the workstation, an on-desk model is wonderfully convenient and within your reach whenever you have to plug an appliance or smartphone into the unit.

 The shape of the desk is also another important factor to consider when installing a new power supply unit. It is always best to have the unit within reach, without the user having to stretch too much to access it. That being said, the unit should also not encroach on the user’s working space too much.

Which power supply unit do you believe would be best for your office workstations?