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Stuart Hockley is the Managing Director of Corporate Connections (Pty) Ltd, a leading modular power solutions company that has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban - South Africa. 

As a passionate, energetic, and professional team, Corporate Connections offers dynamic, innovative solutions to corporate office spaces with their exclusive range of Power Logic, modular electrical plug-in power systems. 

Although the company is the largest of its kind in South Africa today, it came from humble beginnings and was started way back in 1983 by passionate individuals. Without the insight, wisdom, and innovative thinking of its founders, the company would not be where it is today.

Mr Ray Mazzullo (current chairman of Power Logic), and Mr Brian van Zyl (current Technical Director) started their business from a Cape Town garage. Back then, the company was called R and D technologies, and their focus was targeted on making technologically-adept, electrical devices.

Due to the unprecedented growth of R and B Technologies, Ray and Brain soon needed to find more prominent offices and production space from which to operate. A site in Ottery, Cape Town, was established, and the current facility is still situated there today. 

With Ray and Brian's expertise in the electrical solutions business, they were soon approached by the first corporate companies who were looking for innovative solutions to power the introduction of computers into corporate office spaces.

In 1986, Mobil was building new offices in Thibault Square, Cape Town. Mr Fred Kuys (MD of Angle Dutch at the time) was supplying all the desking solutions to this prestigious project, and this is where the two parties met, and the overlap was created. Due to the unique synergy and innovation of these three individuals, Fred joined Ray and Brian, and Corporate Connections was established. Since Mobil, a number of other key projects followed, namely Old Mutual and Standard Bank, and the company has continued to foster their relationships with these partners until today. 

Corporate Connections then developed a solid plan to network electricity through open-plan office spaces, and this is, today, what they continue to excel at. 

With exponential growth for R and B technologies, the company expanded, and a decision was made to rebrand as Power Logic.

The two businesses still continue to work hand in hand today and are immensely proud of how the companies have evolved. The key to their success is due to the fact that they have always listened to the needs of their clients and have always responded to these needs by coming up with relevant power supply solutions.

After listening to a client's requirements, the teams will collaborate, build suitable models, and will then present these to the client to ensure a smooth and detailed sales and installation process. 

Just recently, Corporate Connections has been awarded a new contract by Old Mutual, solidifying a relationship that started way back in 1986.

Today, Corporate Connections is known as a company that drives the local modular power systems industry, and many companies have tried to follow in their footsteps by copying their solutions. They are, however, "proud that they are the leaders and not the followers," says Mr Stuart Hockly. 

Power Logic employs over 150 people in their Ottery facility, and Corporate Connections has around 30 sales representatives and installation teams throughout South Africa. Internationally, Power Logic exports its products to over 76 countries worldwide, and they have various sales divisions set up in countries such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK. A truly unique South African story. 

Ray and Brian still continue to work on new ideas for the companies and provide solutions for several industries. 

The leading sector serviced by Corporate Connections is the banking industry, which has utilised its solutions over many years. Banking clients of Corporate Connections (such as Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, and Investec) have a great need for well-built products for work stations that are minimalist (don't take up much space) and deliver excellent results. Corporate Connections has proudly been servicing these clients, and the Power Logic products can be seen in many offices in the South African banking sector. 

Telecommunications is another sector for which Corporate Connections is a proud supplier, with Telkom being their main client in this area, followed by mobile telecommunications companies, such as Vodacom, MTN and Cell C, who use their products extensively. 

In terms of the insurance industry, Liberty Life has been working with Corporate Connections for over 30 years, where there is a great need for their one-of-a-kind solutions. Santam, Sanlam, and Old Mutual all remain loyal business partners of Corporate Connections.

The growth that the company continues to see is exciting, and they thoroughly enjoy bringing their solutions into offices, where they work closely with architects, designers, and electrical engineers. All their solutions are certified to world standards, are safe, and add value while they network electricity for their clients. 

Other clients that are keeping the company very busy at the moment include Amazon, in Cape Town, Anglo Gold, Shell, and HSBC Bank in Sandton. 

The products that they provide are also well-utilized by the furniture industry, and their clients in this area include the likes of Ukhumi, Barker Street, Giant Leap, Inspiration Office, Cecil Nurse, and Waltons. Players in the furniture industry often approach Corporate Connections for desking power solutions so that their clients are able to plug in and use their devices efficiently. 

Corporate Connections has several product lines. 

The Oblique, Beta, and Alpha range of products vary from plastic to aluminium boxes. When it comes to aluminium, the options are endless. 

Currently, the industry is seeing a lot of change in terms of laptops and mobile devices replacing traditional desktop PC's. This has resulted in the need for reliable desktop "plug and play" solutions. The new desktop range is versatile and can be clamped on, cut in, rotated, folded or slid away to suit the work station. 

The Iris range is a slimline solution making it the smallest power set option available and a local bestseller. However, the Slimline Omega range is just as sought-after, and the company is producing these at a rapid rate. 

Power Logic and Corporate Connections have stated that the technology space is fast-moving, and therefore, they need to stay abreast of all new developments within the industry. Due to their travel, research, and development abilities, they are able to build new products regularly as well as staying abreast of world trends.

For more information or to get in touch with the Number1 dynamic office technology company, interested parties can call or visit the Corporate Connections website for any of their modular power system requirements.