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Introducing the Alpha, an innovative power socket that is perfect for both home and the office.

Our Alpha power socket is the ultimate in compact, sleek, and minimalist design. It offers both functional and aesthetic features that are conveniently customisable. The look of your workspace will be enhanced with a sleek, elegant, and professional look.

What makes the Alpha unique is its swiveling cable exit that offers a flexible 90-degree range of orientation that will extend the life of your cable, by relieving stress and allowing it to exit in power socket the best-suited position.

In terms of power outlets, when purchasing the Alpha, you can choose from a whopping 24 international power outlets which are available in 3 attractive colors: black, grey, and white. There are also optional colors available, as well as different socket angle options.

Whether you require metal or plastic components, the Alpha range can accommodate you and will complement and enhance your working environment: it is the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality!

With the Alpha, you can be assured of high quality, robust construction as the body is manufactured from top quality, extruded aluminum, making it exceptionally durable for everyday use.

The Alpha is able to house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch, in addition to other standard red or green switches. It can be assembled in a wide variety of configurations with various combinations of power outlets, peripherals, colors, and niches.

In addition, you have a pleasing variety of peripheral options to suit your needs. This includes HDMI, Cat 6 Data, Audio/Mic VGA as well as a USB smart charger if desired.

Interconnectivity is one of the main characteristics of the Alpha, as the unit can easily connect with other units via bypass cables making the linking of work stations very easy.

To find out more about the popular Alpha, you are welcome to contact us on 010 823 5005.