The Gemini - Click to read.

If you need a stylish, functional, and elegant power solution for your workstation, look no further than the Gemini!

The Gemini is an innovative, dual-sided, pop-up unit that will enhance the look of your desk with its sleek, metallic finish and striking LED accents.

Available in black, grey or white, there are also other color options available on special request and made to order. This means that there is a Gemini out there that will suit and enhance the look of any workstation. When purchasing your power outlet, you are able to choose between our local and international power outlets combinations.

An automatic extension is one of the many key features of the Gemini. When the LED-lit center ring of the unit is pressed down, it raises itself from the work surface using a built-in gas strut. This provides convenient access to power outlets and the power peripherals housed inside the unit.

This unit can be pre-fitted at any 45-degree angle increment according to your requirements, and the LED power indicator is illuminated with a blue ring when the unit is powered.

Your Gemini unit is the perfect fit for your workstation since the collar of the unit is padded with a high-density foam ring to help secure it in place without damaging your work surface.

With safety at the forefront of Gemini’s design, the power outlets come with built-in shutters to protect it against foreign objects being plugged in. Another excellent safety feature of this unit is the 15A thermal overload switch, which protects the unit against overloads.

Peripheral options include HDMI, Data, RCA, USB, HDMI, Audio and VGA/Mic.

Installing your Gemini is incredibly easy thanks to the robust locking collar ring with large thread. This easy to screw in the unit is the perfect option for a hassle-free and straightforward installation process.