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Regardless of whether you work from home or in an office, the Oblique unit will transform how you plug in at work!

Although the unit may be compact, it is by no means small in power. The Oblique is the ideal solution for any expanding business due to its 3PP interconnectable capabilities. The interconnectivity of the Oblique unit is made possible by its fitted, detachable cables that connect to the unit with a 3PP connector, thereby enabling multiple units to be chain-linked.

There are several local and international power outlets for the Oblique that one can choose from, and these are available in either black, grey, or white.

For your convenience, the Oblique is pre-fitted at any angle in 15-degree increments, making your working situation ergonomic and comfortable.

The Oblique can house a 15A Thermal Overload Switch in addition to your other standard red and green switches, depending on request.

The Oblique can be used as a stand-alone unit, and it can be easily screwed onto any surface through its mounting holes. In addition, there are desk clamps available on request.

With the Oblique, you have two power options: it has hybrid power capabilities (power and data), and it can also house one or more circuits in a single unit. It is also extremely safe to use and offers protection in the form of fuses, power fitters, circuit breakers, and earth leakage devices if you require. The Oblique range also adheres to the strictest international safety rules and regulations with its optional double insulation design.

Your peripheral options when purchasing the Oblique include Cat 6 HDMI, RCA, USB, Data, VGA, HDMI, and Audio/Mic.

Furthermore, the Oblique is a stylish plastic, molded unit that is available as a 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way power outlet system that can interlock making even larger configurations.

Making this the perfect solution for call centers as well as many corporate office environments.

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